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The Girl in Times Square - Paullina Simons Hmmmm.

You create a character. You murder her best friend. You bring in a sexy police detective.

You want people to have sympathy for your protagonist.

So you give her cancer - Leukaemia.

That's what it's about. Lily's best friend is murdered, a storyline which is left in the background whilst she falls for the copper and sells her artwork.

Her family is selfish. Her mother's a cow.

There isn't anything remotely interesting. The cancer storyline is a cop out - you can't fail but to feel sympathy towards her. Give her a super crap family and bingo, you're done...

Oh, and on top of all that she's also won the lottery, but doesn't claim the money for some reason despite being a skint art student.

Nauseating, but so much better then writing essays.

It's a brain relaxant/laxative, good for when you're a bit stressed out and you just want to get through a book quickly without putting that much thought into it. But it isn't a real story. I was very disappointed in this author. Had I not been in middle of deadline time at university I'd have chucked it aside, but at the time I just needed some brain drain book to entertain my frazzled nerves.

However, the only entertainment that can be gained from this book is realizing how amazingly bad it actually is!

Simons has only come out with two I like - The Bronze Horseman and Tully - both with their flaws of course, but a lot better and well thought out then this drivelling tripe-filled book.