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Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden Four years ago, my sister sent me this book out of the blue. I admit, I wasn't sure to begin with that I'd like it. Of course any book coming through your letter box is very welcome.

I had no previous interest in Japan and it definitely isn't a novel I would have picked up on my own. Which just goes to prove what a hideous taste I have in books!

Anyway, I thought I'd see what it was like... so I sat down on the sofa by the window and opened the first page thinking I'd just get a feel of it and see what the writing was like. I was reading another book at the time and had no intention whatsoever to sit down and read this book at the time.

One sentence, one paragraph, one page later I was still reading it until it became one hour later and I was still sitting there by the window reading Memoirs of a Geisha.

I polished it off in two to three days time and absolutely adored it. I have since bought my own copy of the book and would love to re-read it one of these days.

I loved how it was written. As I said, I had no previous interest in Japan, but this did not seem to matter as he described everything so beautifully, without going over the top, in such a way that I could imagine everything with ease.

I'm not sure how accurate the book is, I've heard certain criticisms. I like to think however, that as a work of fiction and not based on a true story as such, that this is not of any essential importance. If I wanted to really learn about geisha I would read a non-fiction.