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How to Run: From Fun Running to Full Marathons - Hugh Jones This is my first 'proper' book on running I have read. I took up running in January of this year (2012) so I figured as this seems to be a new hobby that is sticking around I better read up a bit more on it.

It is a rather comprehensive book and not all that useful to be honest. It goes from beginners to those interested in running a marathon. I think it is more useful for those who are thinking about running a marathon and wanting to find out what the training might entail. At the beginning he keeps mentioning those times when people are just running to catch the bus - to becoming a 'proper' runner. It's quite a leap from advising someone how to start running (from bus chasing) to a 26 point something mile marathon. Maybe that's just me. I'm just about managing 4 miles at the moment and I am not thinking about marathons. I'm thinking a 5 mile cross country this summer might be doable.

Vaguely interesting, but nothing that I couldn't have read through online articles. At the back however it does include a list of suggested playlists for running music. I've yet to actually run on my own (I run with my local runner's group) but at some point when I get myself some proper gear (such as a pair of running trousers with a pocket!) I'd like to try pounding my local streets to some music.