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Little Women and Good Wives (Vintage Classics) - Louisa May Alcott Little Women ----

They're nice little stories about 3 young girls and their lives, loves and problems. Nothing much seems to have changed. I love how modern and independent Jo is, and how different she is to other girls in British novels I have read.

It isn't compulsive reading though and I didn't find myself looking forward to reading it. It isn't a book that calls to me when I have to put it down and I almost pick it up with some resentment.

I'm onto Good Wives now and looking forward to finishing it so I can move onto something else. I enjoy it when I am reading it, but I could put it down and not be bothered when I'm not.

A little disappointing to be honest, though I enjoy the characters and their trials and tribulations.

I think the main thing that stops me from reading it is that I really hate people who are morally superior and LMA comes off as just that. She preaches to the reader and almost every chapter has a moral - one that's really, so very obvious.

I don't mind books with deeper meanings and morals, I think books can change how you feel, alter the way you think about this world. But Little Women just too in your face, it isn't subtle with it's messages and she takes the moral highground a little too often for my liking.

No doubt a good book for young women of the day though, especially with such an independent and free ranging character as Jo.