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Brethren (Flipback) - Robyn Young Okay, so I didn't quite read all of it, but I read most of it so as far as I'm concerned IT'S READ. Sod it. What a load of absolute tripe. It isn't even good tripe, it's badly written tripe.

The characters were badly written cardboard cut outs. Will sounded like some kid directly out of High School, minus modern day slang. Elwen looked like she had just walked out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting what with her long flowing hair that flowed loose down her back, golden tresses that quite often fell loose from her cap to fall down her shoulders.

Way too much info-dumping exposition, way too many flash back sort of scenes. In fact, there would be a flash back scene of something that happened within the last hour let along the actual past.

Young must have had a tremendous work out with her thesaurus what with all the dull adjectives and adverbs she came out with. Viciously seemed to be her most favourite descriptive word. No one could do anything, even just bite their finger nails if it was viciously.

Badly written sword fights with swords arching and armour clanking or clinking. Badly written everything.

I've enjoyed books that haven't been well written before. The Pillars of the Earth hardly boasted good writing from Follett but the difference is that I believed in that story. I believed it was set in the medieval period. I believed in the characters.

There was nothing in this book to make me believe I was in medieval England or France. There was a lot of pretty sounding, completely useless description about the air or something, but nothing that really grounded me in the story or the time. It could have been set in the modern day if it weren't for the fact she always gave the date and place at the beginning of every new chapter or scene. And considering it is about Templar knights, there is barely any reference to religion or even a sense of faith or belief. Whenever it crops up it is as a plot device or as a wooden prop to back the story up with.

If you want to read a book about the Templars... read The Da Vinci Code. I can't believe I'm saying this, but that was by far better then this tosh.