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Elidor - Alan Garner I wanted to read this because for some reason it sounded familiar. Maybe I watched the TV series a long time ago, I cannot remember. I think I might have started the book once but I don't think I ever finished it. Or if I did I have totally forgotten it.

I found it rather lacking in magic, for a book about another world.

Why should I care enough about Elidor to care about these children trying to save it? I'm afraid I didn't give a hoot. Elidor featured for merely a chapter or two - then the story follows the four children as they run around their new home and through Manchester trying to conceal the 'Treasures' of Elidor - disguised as odd bits of junk. I got fed up with the constant discussion of the 'Treasures' until the mere word began to annoy me all by itself. Why should I care about these 'treasures'?

What I did like was the fact that it is quite an old story - written in 1965. The door to Elidor opened in a ruined Church in a bombed out part of Manchester that was being flattened to make way for new houses. (The horrible concrete blocks they built in the 60's are now a complete eye-sore!). The children who would have read this book when it first came out would have been entirely different people. They'd have had parents who would have lived during the war, it wasn't something like it is to us - England was still scarred by the bombed out buildings. My Mum was a child during the 50's and a YA during the 60's and she remembers the bombed out cottages still lying around.

I did like the fact that it was set in Manchester - not down south, or somewhere posh (like the Narnia series was) so perhaps it felt more accessible to other readers.

I liked the writing style of Garners - it is more readable then C.S Lewis in my opinion.I could never get into the Chronicles of Narnia because of that silver spoon wedged in their mouths. However, the story I felt just fell entirely flat.

A pity perhaps, but maybe not my last of Alan Garners.