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The Keepsake - Sheelagh Kelly Rough review:

Pure romantic cheese. I could pick many holes in this book - mainly the fact that after some (rather over the top) dramatic build ups it, the emotional drive sort of fizzles out as if she couldn't really be bothered to write that scene and so just explained it away in a couple of ambiguous sentences. That like most romances I have read, the conflict often seems to be a misunderstanding or something happens to obstructs them through no fault of their own.

The portrayal of upper class people was accompanied by the word 'deigned' every time they did something - or some other word that sounds posh. They felt a little fake and clichéd.

When I was about 15-16 I read 2 books by Sheelagh Kelly (Shoddy Prince and the sequel A Complicated Woman) and they were my favourite books at the time. I wonder if I'd like them now? I think - looking back to my memory - that the characters in Shoddy Prince and A Complicated Woman were much more fleshed out and believable.

I have a feeling that Sheelagh Kelly could have - maybe she wanted to - turn it into a longer story rather then limiting it to a one off book of just under 500 pages. There were just little things that felt like they were going to be included, but didn't quite make it into the book.

It's quite a romantic twist on 'poor girl falls in love with rich bloke and it works' and I found myself unable to put the book down. It felt like going on holiday as I rarely read these kinds of romances. It's probably about time I admit to myself though, that once in a while, I do seem to enjoy them.