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Dogsbody - Diana Wynne Jones I first read this book when I was nine and I can't count how many times since that I've read it.

Since acquiring an Amazon account though I've been able to buy more DWJ books and then managed to own my very own copy of Dogsbody. I wish I could have the version of book I read as a kid though.

This is the first book I could say I truly loved, adored and became obsessed with. It doesn't matter how many times I've read this, I still enjoy it each time - nothing has diminished.

I guess I was attracted to it because as a kid I adored dogs. I was obsessed and so the cover art attracted me as well as the story. If I ever do get a dog of my own, you can be sure that I will be naming it Sirius - not for Sirius Black - but the first Sirius I loved.

I love this book. Simply and utterly. It is full of DWJ's magic and brilliant characters that come to life and jump off the page at you.

I get lost in this book every time I read it. Quite often I've been reading away and forgot to get off the bus, off the ferry - let the bus sail right past me at the stop. When I read this book, the world stops. Every time.