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The Girl Who Played With Fire (Millennium Trilogy) - Stieg Larsson This is the sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and it was immediately as good as the first but this time I knew this from the very first page.

The first one I felt was slightly more clumsy at the beginning and took a while to truly love it. I speak only for myself of course. This one it starts off with a bang and you know immediately from the first page it is going to be just as good if not better.

Blomkvist takes a back seat here and Salander takes the lead. She after all is really the most interesting character. It is slightly coincidental how Blomkvist is involved with the storyline but not so much it is a gaping hole in the plot at all.

Once again the book is full of excitement and twists and turns. It has a steadily fast pace that never stops. One minute you're thinking it is going one way and then it just goes another. It never stop moving.

I'd say it has a different tempo then the first one. It is much better paced I think from start to finish. The characters are already established for one thing.

It is an entirely different story from the first one. However, Larsson still continues to highlight inadequacies in the government and system. So many characters are corrupt or just downright awful, people. Most of them are men. Larsson seems to have gone to war against the male race yet again.

He still goes on his mini-rants but they're not quite so prominent as last time and fit much more into the story.

I enjoy the straight forward style of writing - obviously this is through a translation of Swedish to English, but it feels different to other things I have read.

Again, as with the first it feels very much as if Larsson has put his life and soul into writing these books and you can feel that emanating from the pages.

I loved this just as much as the first - and he left it just at a point when you NEED to read more but it isn't a drastic cliff hanger but I am now eagerly and very impatiently waiting for the next book.