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Any Human Heart - William Boyd I'll write a proper review later maybe, but my initial thoughts -

* This book started out as 'just okay' for me - hovering between three stars and four stars, then became a hazy four stars but very near the end marched up to five stars.

* I loved Logan. I came to know him and see him subtly change as the years took him from adolescence to an old man. Always full of sprite and character. I laughed with him and I cried with him.

* Because of this I now feel a great sense of loss - I'm going to miss him. He is a wise old buzzard that is for sure. Makes you think about your life and what there is to live for.

* Logan lived an eventful life - and he had a very human heart - one I feel that has been shared. He was never anyone that important - he just mixed with important people (many names of famous authors and artists crop up here and there) but he remained amongst the ordinary. I feel so much as if I know him and I'm sad to think he is only real in my imagination, not in life.

I will keep this book to read again, I feel it would welcome a second read and I don't really want to let go of Logan. He is my friend. I have come to know him, why would I want to lose him? I just want to reach out and hold his hand.

I awarded this book five stars because of that. It didn't drag me into it and keep me riveted to each page, eagre to find out what happened next - I didn't want to find out what happened next because I was quite happy to read it for a long time - I didn't want an end really.

I'm not left thinking "Wow I have just read a magnificent book" as I have done with many other five star books. But I am left feeling such a sense of loss that I have finished it and surprised at how real it felt to me. It's a wonderful, lovely book, I loved every second.

And they are making a TV drama of it - for channel four in the UK I believe - with Matthew McFadyan playing Logan during his adult years and Jim Broadbend in his older years. (Can't remember the name of the actor playing his younger self). With Tom Hollander and Samuel West also starring.

You can follow the production team on twitter @AnyHumanHeart

So glad I read this book and probably wouldn't have done had I not been a bit of a fan of Tom Hollander (who will be playing the Duke of Windsor).

Highly recommended.