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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest - Stieg Larsson I can't believe I've finished this and that no more will I ever read of Lisbeth Salander or Blomkvist again.

There is an ending to the Salander storyline and all the strings are tied up. It is a pity in a way that this is the last book because it lacked something the first two had and that was a strong propulsion to read on.

Larsson once again went on a crusade against government corruption and sexism almost to the point it became distracting. The conspiracy against Salander was bulked out with a separate storyline featuring Berger and a lot of going back and forth between Blomkvist, the police and the people behind Zalachenko.

I think you have to for a part suspend your belief in reality when reading these books, it really is just a fun roller-coaster ride with Larsson in the driving seat. It is one man against the government and sometimes, all a little too easy.

I did enjoy it though nevertheless but it doesn't compare to the first two books and makes for a bitter sweet ending to the trilogy.

I wanted to find out more about Salander, her sister Camilla whom I'm sure would have come up in later books. I wanted to see what happened next for her but now I never will. Unless they hire a ghost writer to complete the next 3 books in the series this will be the last we'll ever see. Even if such a thing were to happen I do not want to read a ghost written book because it simply wouldn't be the same. Larsson put a lot of himself and a lot of passion into his books and I'm not sure that could be replicated.

I'm glad I started this series and I have really enjoyed myself on the way.