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The Mortal Sickness (Lydmouth Series) - Andrew Taylor It is so lovely picking up a book by your favourite author and knowing instantly that you are going to enjoy it. Taylor is just consistently good - even the ones which aren't as good still make me feel as if I'm floating easily through his world, just pure reading bliss.

As the second book in the series this is not better or worse then the first book, An Air That Kills but it serves to slowly build upon this world he introduce in the first book and cement the characters and the relationships they have with each other. This building I can tell, will lead onto great things.

What I love about Andrew Taylor is his characterisation and his ability to create a sense of place and an atmosphere that is so real you can almost breath it. He does not write traditional little "whodunnits" - this isn't a whydunnit nor does he make it obvious who "diddit" and of course the crime is pivotal to the story - but the whodunnit factor just is not the most important aspect.

Instead it is the characters, the setting and how they all exist together. The reason why it is called the Lydmouth series, which is the name of the fictional town somewhere between Wales and England, rather then the "Inspector Thornhill" series makes it clear that it is not so much about a detective partership, but the setting is the main character in the storyline. I am sure that over the following books in the series that slowly, it will get better and better - until Lydmouth seems as real in my imagination as my own home town.