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Waterslain Angels - Kevin Crossley-Holland Waterslain Angels is the fifth book I have read written by the wonderful Kevin Crossley-Holland. Despite the fact that this book was only published in 2008, it feels quite old fashioned as if it had been written a long time ago.

Although I found it in the older YA section of the book shop I think this book is actually more suited to younger reads of 10-12 although I still enjoyed reading it at 24.

It is set in Norfolk in the year 1955, during a time where children didn't stay in playing computer games and that any fun they did have was when they made it themselves.

One summer, Annie Carter and her new friend Sandy decide to find out what happened to the missing angels of Waterslain church. It takes you into a world of mud, salt marshes and child-like imagination where quests, monsters and other forms of adventure were created in your dreams.

Crossley-Holland writes beautifully and inspiringly. I love his use of language to evoke the salt marshes and mudflats of Norfolk. I have never been there but I could imagine it perfectly.

Overall, a truly lovely, relaxing read.