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The Road Home - ROSE TREMAIN What can I say? Rose Tremain is a gift, I feel like I want to own every book she has ever written.

This is about an immigrant from Eastern Europe, trying to find his way through life in London - painting a very familiar picture of Britain that makes me wonder why anyone ever wants to come here.

I have read two others by Tremain - Music & Silence set in Denmark in the 1600's and Restoration set during the restoration of King Charles II. The Road Home is a lot different - it feels less dreamy, more gritty and realistic but still tinged with that strange, subtle effect I cannot describe that Tremain seems to imbue her stories with. Her writing is gentle, simple and beautiful. You can float through her books quite happily.

Her writing always seems tinged with something else. When there is happiness, there is a tinge of sadness around the edges and when things are darked, there is a hue of light always.

I love books with well written characters, that contain people that you end up knowing. I feel I know Lev, Christy, Rudi, Sophie and I am sad to have left them in this book. I want to go over there and find them and meet them, it is easy to believe that somewhere in this world there really are these people living.

I love how real these characters are - and also - how they all in a way seem incomplete. As if there is still things about them you want to find out, get to know about them.

It's hard really to explain what I feel for this book, no doubt Tremain could do it better then me. All I can say is that I can't wait to read the other books of hers I own - Sacred Country and The Colour.