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Above Suspicion (Anna Travis Mystery, #1) - Lynda La Plante First completed book of 2010!

There isn't much to really 'review' about this book other then it was a satisfactory crime story. I already knew the story unfortunately as I've already seen the TV drama last year in March, which was very good. Unfortunately for me the sequel to this book is being shown on the 4th of January so I have to pull my socks up and read The Red Dahlia by 9pm on that day.

This is my first book by Lynda La Plante, who is more famously known for writing and creating the Prime Suspect series as well as Trial and Retribution. It was only last year I discovered she was also an author when I was just getting into this genre.

I love Trial and Retribution (despite getting progressively worse, maybe because she is no longer directly in control any more) and so I was excited to see what she would be like to read. I also discovered that Prime Suspect and Trial and Retribution were also books. I'm unsure if they originated as books or TV series first.

This book was well written and a page turner despite being aware of what was going to happen. I love reading about the whole procedure of detection in crime novels - the psychology and reason behind the murders. Although this was nothing too outstanding I really enjoy being carried along by a good crime story and there isn't a slow moment.

The characters are interesting enough to want to carry on reading about. I believe the next books take place when DS Anna Travis, the main character in this book, is a Detective Inspector. Plate gives you enough insight into their lives and personality without concentrating on it in too much detail, but making them interesting individuals.

Hopefully I'll finish the second book in preparation for the TV series which stars Kelly Reilly and Ciaran Hinds.