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Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood - Marjane Satrapi It's hard not to want to compare this to Maus, which is the only other graphic novel I have read. They are both memoirs about a time of war and persecution. Both had a balance of making you want to laugh and cry in equal measures.

Persepolis tells the true story of a child's experience of growing up through the revolution and then through wartime in Iran.

In the present day we associate words such as fundamentalism and terrorism with countries such as Iran and are presented with a rather one sided and probably prejudiced view. Persepolis challenges this and provides us a different perspective.

My only complaint now is that I have had to request an inter-library loan of Persepolis 2! The first book leaves you at a point where you just need to read on - not even a hint at what happens next.

Persepolis is more suited to younger readers then Maus is, mainly because it is from the perspective of an intelligent and perceptive child. I think in this current world it is important that we are given more then the usual one sided, confused or warped view of the world we have now.