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Tatiana and Alexander - Paullina Simons This is the sequel to The Bronze Horseman and more or less starts where that one left off.

Tatianna is in the United States with her newborn baby and she just can't shake the fact that her husband may be dead, or probably is anyway. Everything is big, bright and beautiful in America apart from the fact Alex is no longer here... he was last seen in Russia and the last thing she heard of him was that he'd been blown up.

And so here we go again. Tatianna and Alexander again...

Personally I think The Bronze Horseman stands perfectly well on its own and if you don't read this no big loss. The story is ok, it is nothing special and a little drawn out. But it continues their story and is fairly enjoyable.

But here is a word of warning to you.

Do not, under any circumstances read the third book in the series. The Summer Garden. It's God Awful. And Simons, still unable to let go of this story, even wrote a cookbook...

Talk about flogging a dead horse. Well, I guess some people did like it as the GR rating is 4.09 but frankly - I didn't even finish it maybe the only people who did finish it liked it because it's a long book, you'd have to like it to get through the however many pages of dribble she puts you through.

I've since really gone off Simmons as an author. Far too emotionally manipulative, without having the depth of characters like T&A and empty. She's lost it.

Just read Tully and The Bronze Horseman by this author, maybe her earlier ones. But anything beyond this book, is absolute, sheer and utter bollocks to put it lightly.