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Restoration - Rose Tremain This is my second book by Tremain, my first being Music and Silence and I have enjoyed both. I like her as an author and I think it is so nice to find an author whom you know you will enjoy whenever you read one of their books. There's something very comforting about this.

In both her historical novels - they feel as if they are written in another plain - in some strange kind of dreamland almost. Her style is unique and quirky and very easily draws you inwards.

You cannot help but like Robert Merivel, complete plonker that he is. Tremain takes you on Merivel's personal and spiritual journey - I do not mean spiritual in any religious sense - but in the terms of his own spirit.

I cannot wait to read The Road Home which is the other book I own by Tremain, it sounds really good but has a different feel to it - not being historical and seeming less dream-like.

If you're looking for a nice, light historical novel told in a different and interesting way - then I think you will really enjoy Restoration. I have forgotten myself within these pages and sorry to leave Robert Merivel behind.