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Acid Row - Minette Walters This is really a 3.5.

I enjoyed this book as a good suspenseful ride but I can't put it on the same level as a four star crime novel. Although I enjoyed it I was not really transported into the character's lives.

Walters knows how to handle the pacing in her plot, she keeps things moving always at the right speed. Not breakneck speed, she knows when to apply the breaks but there was very rarely a slow moment or a time when the storyline did not progress.

The characters were well written, but they still felt a bit flat or impersonal I guess. It felt like seven eighths of a novel and one eighth police report. It is told from the viewpoint of hind sight - and she keeps giving cryptic warnings during the narrative about what will happen next. (If only so and so hadn't done this or little did she know what would happen to so and so when she walked into the room.)

In a way that was an interesting take on it, in another way I think it helped flatten out the characters and storyline a bit.

What really interested me about this book is that it is actually set near where I live. Portisfield, where this story takes place is actually Portsmouth and the paedophile riots actually did happen and I remember reading about it all in the news. I don't believe it was half as violent or as atrocious as the scenario represented in this book - she took some dramatic license there!

However, a couple of 'police reports' at the beginning were actually based on true life cases (the girl tied up in the bath) which unless you're from the UK and read it in the news every day you may not be so aware of.

I will definitely be reading some more Walters in the future, she is a good author and if I want some guaranteed enjoyment I'll know where to turn. But nothing that really lit any fires under my bones.