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Bog Child - Siobhan Dowd This surprised me as being a book I very quickly found myself getting into.

Dowd's style is simple, but beautiful - like being gently cushioned and guided through the story she tells.

It is set on the border between North Ireland and South Ireland, in 1981 when the Troubles in Ireland were strong and troublesome.

It starts when Fergus and his uncle dig up a dead child in the bog whilst stealing peat. Really though, it is not a story about a bog child - it is a personal story of what life was like for a young man during those times and what they went through.

As a young adult book, it does not look deeply into the conflicts between Ireland and Britain. It however does leave you with a depth of feeling and wanting to find out more.

The ending I felt, was a bit weak but it was a very enjoyable and engrossing read - but not a runaway novel.

Unfortunately, the author died in 2007 of breast cancer at the age of 47. I have marked her other books as to-read I only wish there could be more.