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The Turn of the Screw - Henry James I had to read this for English in year nine or ten I cannot rightly remember now. Anyway, I guess I'm not one much for ghost stories which is probably why I was never going to enjoy this book.

Secondly we had to read it as a class, aloud one chapter at a time. I hate that. In a small group perhaps that would work but not a whole book. You do not really get to appreciate the language or the story because the change in reader (and quality of reader) was too distracting. I guess that's one way of making sure everyone does read it.

Thirdly it was just a boring, pointless story. I can't remember precisely why now but I always liked reading in school, but this book was just absolutely excruciating. Perhaps I should give it a second read and see if my opinion has changed. Or maybe it will just reaffirm why I didn't like it.

I remember wondering what the point was? Why is this story being told? Are the characters interesting? No. Is it well written? I can't remember so I cannot comment. Was what happened during the story interesting? No. Did I learn anything from it? No. Would I recommend it to anyone else? No.