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Mortal Engines (Mortal Engines Quartet, #1) - Philip Reeve I noticed this book eight years ago but I never thought of really looking into it. I don't know if I even gazed at the first page, not seriously any way. For eight years I always knew the name Philip Reeve and for eight years I always noticed this book. My eyes would stop over this title but nothing more would happen.

So almost by fate (of a pretty cover) I picked it up recently and looked at it and thought that perhaps after all these years I might as well just read it.

Well, I started it and I thought this is okay, this is interesting. I thought it was well written with an interesting world system. I didn't think it was anything really exceptional, I didn't think at first the characters were that memorable. Although for some reason I just didn't want to put it down. I put it down to the fact it is an easy read that flows neatly from chapter to chapter as they were quite short and succinct.

I thought it was a little too neat, a little too tidy. I did not think I'd be rushing out wanting to by the next one. I was initially thinking a generous three stars.

Anyway, by about 130 pages I was suddenly HOOKED. Not in a rip-roaring sort of way, but in a sort of down hill slide sort of way in that I just couldn't help but keep reading on as it built up speed and interest.

I think that as the first book it really kinda sets the tone for the rest of the series. It is a strong beginning and by the end you just know it isn't going to trundle along idly. Reeve is not afraid of blowing things up that is all I will say.

It's a shame I waited 8 years to read this but in a way I am glad I did because eight years ago I wouldn't have had GR to read it with. This is a fantastic series and I want to read more of Reeve now I have discovered him.