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Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Alex Jennings, David McDuff This is my first Dostoevsky and I have always wanted to read a Russian author. I really quite enjoyed this and I am now keen to read more.

I read it last year so this book isn't quite fresh enough on my mind to do a lengthy review. I'm not an English Literature student either so I'm not going to go into an in depth review of this book, though I would have thought it would make a very good subject for one.

I did start reading this a long time ago when I was about 15 I suppose and got - not bored with it I suppose but lost patience with all the names. Now I'm a slightly more patient reader and understand a bit more about Russian name giving and that - I found it a lot easier to get along with.

It is basically a rather simple sounding story: Raskolnikov, a student down on his luck - living in poverty, decides to murder a pawn broker in order to steal her riches. He plans it in the greatest detail. The story of Crime and Punishment is how Raskolnikov lives with himself afterwards.

It is a deeply psychological book and the characters portrayed are so real it is almost frightening. And that is what takes a simple story of a crime committed, into a much deeper, much more complicated one.