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The 39 Steps   - John Buchan The BBC made a good little drama under the same name over Christmas in 2008 which I really enjoyed. Of course the lovely Rupert Penry Jones might have helped with that.

I think considering the book was written in 1915 - it was very good, but as a modern girl I much preferred the 2008 drama. Much more action and a different sort of angle.

Richard Hannay, a bored gentleman who has returned to England - otherwise known as the Old Country - laments at how dreary England is and spends his time yawning until one day he finds himself embroiled in a murderous plot that will bring the country to war.

It is very English - very old fashioned sort of English that it is quite funny, though I suppose at the time of writing quite normal. The 39 Steps is full of adventure - probably for the upper class kind of gentleman - travelling via third class, running around the Scottish countryside getting very dirty, fast cars (well for those days!) and chased even from the air!

Quite a fun little read although I got a little impatient to be finished with it by the end. But charming and well written nevertheless.