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Turnstone (DI Joe Faraday) - Graham Hurley This is the first book in Hurley's DI Faraday series. I've already read book seven so I was already familiar with the author and characters, so it was nice to start from the beginning.

It is not like most other crime books I have read, which isn't many I must admit. It's grittier, realistic and not afraid to be different.

What drew me to these books first and foremost I suppose, is that it is set in Portsmouth - I live in the town next to the city and I'm constantly in and out. I also went to university there so I know it fairly well. I'd say unlike other books I have read in this genre, Portsmouth is as much a character as it is a setting. It defines the tone and feeling of the books.

The two main characters - Faraday and Winters are two different kinds of detective each who carry out their jobs in different ways. Winters is bad cop and Faraday is for the most part, good cop. Winter is old fashioned whereas Faraday is a kind, more soft hearted sort of chap. They're a good interesting combination - neither of them like each other.

Overall, I really enjoyed it, although I wasn't riveted by it, it is a good satisfying read and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.