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Atomised - Frank Wynne, Michel Houellebecq Do your self a favour and burn this book.

If you're not clinically depressed now, you will be out of sheer boredom from reading this.

The author seems to have issues with his parents, namely his mother, who much like the one in this book, dumped him at a young age with his grandmother to go gallivanting around the world.

This whole book is a huge big whine disguised as fiction. From reading interviews and the like, he also seems to dislike Islam and seeing as he at one point in the novel generalises all Muslims to be like Nazi's, I don't think this is too far off his own real opinion. Added to the fact that the 'fictional' protagonists are misogynists, I'm unsure whether these opinions are a part of the fiction or the author's own opinions.

He force feeds you his own ideas of philosophy, sociology and psychology, most of which I disagree with.

Added to all this the story seems to be about the pointless lives of two men. One is obsessed with sex and the fact he isn't getting any. And the other isn't obsessed with sex and isn't getting any, but they both get some in the end.

Nothing happens. It is not a novel, it does not have a story, it does not convey anything apart from 'ideas' whatever they may be.

So do your self a favour, skip past this horrendous book and read something else.