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Prodigal Summer - Barbara Kingsolver There are books that have no ending and they continue living long after you've read it. To Kill a Mockingbird was one of them and this is another. It is not I suppose so much that I didn't want it to end, I just can't imagine there being an ending.

I want to come back a year later and find out what happened to all the characters - I want to see what they are doing, where they have gone to. I wonder if Eddie Bondo will come back a year later, find Deanna gone and trace her back to Nannie's farm and find his child? I want him to. I liked Eddie, he should have stayed but that would be too perfect.

I want to watch Cyrs grow and I want to see Lusa find love again. I want to know what Deanna calls her baby. Rachael if it is a girl perhaps?

I want to be in that world as I feel as if I have already met the people living within it.

I love the last paragraph - it so much brings everything together:

... Solitude is a human presumption. Every quiet step is thunder to beetle life underfoot, a tug of impalpable thread on the web pulling mate to mate and predator to prey, a beginning or an end. Every choice is a world made new for the chosen.

There is a lot to learn from this book. I'm going to be sad taking it back to the library - I need to buy this book one day so it can have a pride of place on my shelf.

My thanks to Laura for getting me to read this book. I've been lost in it and just wish I could read it from the start again. It definitely is one of those that I will pick up again another day.