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Red Dust - Gillian Slovo Red Dust is a fantastic, page turning court room drama set in South Africa.

The murder of Alex Sizela in 1985 has been left unsolved and the body unfound. Sarah Barcant flies from New York back to her childhood hometown to help her friend and mentor find some sort of peace for Alex's grieving parents.

Dirk Hendriks, an ex-policeman now prisoner, has filed for amnesty as part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Alex Mpondo, Dirk's old torture victim, and friend of Alex Sizela reluctantly returns to face Dirk and his old demons.

Red Dust is a story of truth, in its many forms and meanings.

I chose it partly because I have already read a book of Slovo's - Ice Road and because I wanted to read something set in South Africa for once. I want to broaden my horizons.

I have learnt two things:

1. I want to read even more Slovo because I love her natural style of writing.

2. I want to read more books set in SA, about the apartheid especially.

Short chapters, interesting characters and an interesting backdrop make this as one of my favourite books.