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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer It's a book I wouldn't have read normally had it not been for The Next Best Book Club group. In fact I'm sure I'd picked it up before and put it back because it looked weird, because of the weird photos and weird style.

It's good to move out of your comfort zone. I'm definitely going to be getting his other books now.

So how can I describe this book?

It is the story of Oskar's journey through the grief of losing his father in 9/11. He is an extraordinary boy and it is impossible I think, not to love him. Maybe that's my usually non-existent maternal side popping up there, but I just want to protect the boy.

It is also the story of his grandparents and their shared grief.

It's a powerful story told mostly through the eyes of a very clever, creative and unique child. It isn't all death, grief and depression and you'll feel happy more then you feel sad, I think.

I'm really happy I read this even though I thought I wouldn't like it. It just goes to show that sometimes you can't tell by just reading the blurb, or judging something by the first flick through. I wonder how many good books that I will love, that I've put back because on the face of things, they don't appeal.