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The Hundred and One Dalmatians - Dodie Smith It's a nice little story for children but feels a little dated now. I didn't know Dodie Smith wrote 101 Dalmatians until I read I Capture the Castle - which I loved. It's quite a bit below my reading level, even though I do enjoy reading many children's books.

What I liked about it though was that it isn't about boys, sex or broken families - it is a good story.

Similar to the Disney cartoon in many ways and different in others. I think anyone who has enjoyed the cartoon though will enjoy reading this book.

Cruella is one of those characters that stay etched in children's hearts forever. Anyone who chops up animals to wear their coats as fur has to be evil. (Especially puppies!) A very good book if you wish to teach your child the evils of the fur trade.

I think my Mum, who saw the movie in the cinema as a kid still has nightmares about the woman. Smith created a fantastic character, that in film came to life even more so. Cruella Deville will certainly not be forgotten.