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Fallen Angel (The Roth Trilogy) - Andrew Taylor Fallen Angel (also known as Requiem for an Angel) is a haunting trilogy featuring the story of Angel, a female psychopath from adulthood, to adolescence through to childhood.

The first book starts at the end, when a young girl is abducted by a paedophile. The second and third books trace how Angel's life contributed to the person she eventually became.

It is a complex and beautifully written story. Most of all though, I would say it was a human story - where evil isn't just a line that is crossed. There are no definite good guys or bad guys - every human is fallible, no one is perfect.

The Roth trilogy consists of:

The Four Last Things
The Judgement of Strangers
The Office of the Dead

They can be read chronologically or in the order of publication. Each has a different narrator and a different perspective. However, reading in the order of publication I feel gives you a deeper understanding of each of the characters.

Would recommend to anyone who enjoys alternatives to the usual whodunnit type books within the crime genre.