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Don't You Know Who I Am? - Piers Morgan This is Piers Morgan's sequel to his first set of memoirs 'The Insider'.

Whilst the Insider provided a (rather warped) view of the political and celebrity world through a trashy tabloid editor's perspective - this book is purely about Piers Morgan. He's entertaining, the book is funny, silly and a good read over all.

The difference is that Morgan isn't really that interesting. The Insider was good because of the people in it that he wrote about - he wasn't the point of interest. In 'Don't you Know Who I Am?' though rather tongue in cheek - kinda envelopes the actual problem. Who is he? No one. He just knows interesting people and his self-deprecating sense of humour makes this book readable.

Not as good as The Insider, just a trip into Britain's Biggest Ego. Overall, a good book on a long train journey, or to read on the beach. Nothing riveting, but nothing bad either.