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The Prestige - Christopher Priest The book is readable at its best. The two narrators, Borden and Angier both 'talk' as if they have a silver spoon jammed up their rear end. From browsing other books by Priest, the style feels very much the same.

I didn't like the ending. I knew it had to be magical/or sci-fi as apparently the book won, or was nominated for some World Fantasy award - I do not know how. The book, for the most part, has nothing to do with fantasy at all, until the very end.

I did live in some vain hope that there would be a clever ending. There wasn't - it was all magic! Instead of coming up with an intelligent end to the mystery, the author copped out completely.

It left me feeling rather disappointed and empty.

I've yet to watch the movie, I hear it's better then the book... and has Hugh Jackman in it which is my main reason for wanting to watch it!