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The Welsh Girl - Peter Ho Davies I thought this was going to be more about Hess, but it really isn't - he barely features.

It follows three characters each who through the journey of the book question their nationality and their identity. The First is a German half-jew who escaped to UK before the war fully blew up. The second is a young German POW who battles with his conscience over surrendering to the English. And the third is a Welsh farm girl who feels trapped in provincial village life - who longs to see the wider world.

The first character - Roth, really needn't be there. To tell the truth, I felt a bit cheated because I bought it because I was interested in Hess. Roth appears in the beginning, the middle and the end and could really have been cut out completely.

Nevermind that though - it was a nice story - kind of like an old slipper you wear in the winter that keeps your tootsies warm. It is a simple, ambling human story set at the very end of the war.

It develops around the Welsh girl, just entering womanhood - and the German POW who has to comes to term with what being a German actually means.

It isn't a big war story, it is not a tale of courage and heroism. It is simply a very homely, human story so don't expect anything more.

If you're expecting some great gallivanting yarn you'll be disappointed. It's a rather simple story. Davies' writing is beautiful and captures the Welsh countryside nicely. You'll be in a nice Welsh village, so don't expect too much action. It's more about the characters then anything else.

If you keep that in mind, you may enjoy it. I don't know why this book has such a low overall rating. It really isn't that bad.

As I said, if I compared this book to anything - it'd be a comfy old slipper or sock in the middle of winter with a dog by your side or cat on the lap. Just nestle down and enjoy.