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The Summer Garden - Paullina Simons I found this to be highly disappointing...

Personally the author should have left The Bronze Horseman where it was - as a sad ending. Even so I enjoyed Tatiana and Alexander to an extent.

However this book cannot be justified. I do not simply like books just because they contain the same characters as previous books.

For the first few hundred pages nothing happened apart from this:

Tatiana and Alexander argued.
She looked after her son.
Tatiana and Alexander argued then had sex.
They moved house and jobs and argued about it.

x 1000

Nothing relevant. Nothing that kept the plot moving.

Alex turned into this controlling arse and seemed to want Tatiana to stay at home like a good little wife cooking him meals and looking after their son.

What exactly was the point to writing it? No point whatsoever. She should have left it at T&A as a happy ending (as it initially was - she said they lived happily ever after), rather then a mixed up troubled ending as this was. I really don't think she had anything more to say about these characters. She ruined them for me and I shall pretend this book never existed.