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For Whom the Bell Tolls - Ernest Hemingway Boring.

My main problems:

He kept saying Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan. Quit saying his name over and over again on repeat! Couldn't he have shortened it to Robert or simply Jordan? Naturally he couldn't help that it is the same name of a fantasy writer I didn't particularly like but Holy Crabcakes did he have to keep mentioning it?

He ended a sentence with the name and then started the next sentence directly after with it. For pities sake.

I understand Hemingway is famous for his minimalist, style of writing - which y'know I don't mind as such. But there was no story to this book. Nothing happened. They sat around in a cave or somewhere moaning about some guy and planning to kill him.

Robert Jordan fell in love with some Maria girl at first sight, which I found to be highly unrealistic. Especially as she seemed to jump into the sack with him on their first night, despite her past torments which you would have thought would have prevented her from being so forward with a man.

Maybe I'm missing something. I admit to skimming a lot because I was so bored with the writing. I admit that after a while all I seemed to be reading was 'blah blah blah blah blah'.

Added to all this the characters are wooden and one sided. The dialogue was stuff and unrealistic.

Maybe I started with the wrong Hemmingway book. Either way, I won't be revisiting this author.