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The Devil in the Kitchen: Sex, Pain, Madness and the Making of a Great Chef - Marco Pierre White, James Steen I read this some years back after watching Hell's Kitchen and I'm adding it to Goodreads because I try to add all the books I can remember reading.

MPW is a little self obsessed though no doubt a good chef... doubt I'd like to work in the same kitchen as him though. Saying that, I'd hate to work in a kitchen full stop no matter who is in it. Although, I wouldn't mind a cooking lesson from Raymond Blanc.

I wish I enjoyed cooking more... whenever I watch cooking programmes I feel fascinated and a little jealous that I just can't enjoy it more. I like the end result, just no the means to get there.

Anyway... interesting biography I suppose of an unusual fellow but I can't really remember much about it now to give a proper review.