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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit - Judith Kerr I wish I’d read this book when I was a child, not that I enjoyed it any less for reading it as an adult. In fact, possibly I enjoyed it more because of course I know more about the historical background. However, I wish I’d had the experience of reading this when I was younger. Sometimes I would like to go back in time and introduce myself to all the books I’ve only got around to discovering in my twenties.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is told from the point of view of Anna and so the language is fairly simple and easy to read. I enjoy reading things from children’s points of view because they often see things that adult points of view do not. Anna and Max do not understand the significance of Hitler or know very much about their Jewish heritage. It is set in the early thirties and they leave Germany just as Hitler comes to power, so it is not so much about the war or the politics of the time. It is about Anna and her brother Max’s personal experience of having to leave their homes and start afresh – having to live quite differently to what they are used to.

I grew to love Anna – she is a lovely, intelligent young girl who is extremely thoughtful about everyone around her. Her observations and the way she views the world is what for me, made this an incredibly enjoyable book.

There were moments that I laughed, moments when I wished I was Anna and had a brother called Max and their wonderful parents. I love a book that makes you feel like you’ve just opened your eyes into a different world. I love a book that makes me feel like I have met and made friends with real people, that I am very sorry to leave when the last page turns. I love those books and this is one of those books.

I’m very glad that there are two following books to read about Anna’s experience as a teenager during the war and after as she is growing up as a woman. The books I understand grow up with her and become more adult as they go on. I really just want to be back with Anna again. I miss her terribly already. This is one of my favourite books of this year and an unexpected delight to have read.