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It - Stephen King I'm ashamed to say I read 1000 pages and then gave up with about 350 left to go. But I was just not enjoying it at all and even though I'd gotten so far, I couldn't push myself through another novel-sized chunk of writing which felt as if it was going no where.

I think SK can build up fantastic characters, a fantastic world - absolutely brilliant and believable and I felt I was there all the way. But there never seemed to be enough forward motion throughout this book.

At times I felt a bit unnerved. I was 5 when I saw the opener to the movie and it scared me for days afterwards. Ugh. Fortunately it wasn't much more really then the beginning when the clown came up through the sewer. That scared the bajeebers out of me as a kid and I wasn't easily scared like that.

But I felt tired more then unnerved. It seemed to go in waves - sometimes I'd be bored - wave receding - and others it'd get really interesting - wave crashing down on rocks.

By the 1000 page mark I was just finding myself depressed by the sheer tediousness of this book and so looked up the ending and called it a day.

I haven't been put off Stephen King, I absolutely ADORED The Stand even though the ending was a bit naff in that one too, but this one - I just could not finish.