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Predator's Gold (Mortal Engines Quartet, #2) - Philip Reeve Predator's God is the sequel to Mortal Engines which I read last year. I'm starting to think that this is going to become one of my favourite series.

Once again we are following the story of Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw, two years after we left them behind in Mortal Engines. Reeve's world is both imaginative but totally believable.

It is set some thousands of years in the future, in a time where we have destroyed our natural world and people now exist on large monstrous moving cities and towns that are either eating smaller towns or being eaten by larger ones. Predator's Gold once again slowly expands on what was set forth in the first book and leaves you wanting to read and find out more about what is going to happen to the characters and the world they inhabit.

According to the back cover this book is suitable for children aged ten and upwards, but Reeve has the ability I think, to write books that appeal to a wide range of ages. Sometimes when you read books aimed more at the younger end of the spectrum they feel too young and stilted for me to enjoy. However Reeve writes with a simple complexity that makes these books so instantly enjoyable.

My only criticism is that sometimes the way he will describe a scene feels slightly clichéd. It's hard to give an example without containing a spoiler. It is as if he is imagining the scene as how it would unfold in a movie and so the scene has a certain clichéd familiarity but the story itself and the characters are not clichéd.