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A Stain on the Silence - Andrew Taylor I can always rely on Andrew Taylor to write me a good book. It was very enjoyable and elegantly written.

I think this is one of his few modern day books - most of his others are set in the past. However, I really enjoyed it and he keeps you waiting right up to the end.

A Stain of Silence is about a man whose past comes back to haunt him. As a young man, James had an affair with his best friend's mother which in the end produced a child - Kate. Twenty-four years later she come back into his life asking for help - she's suspected of murder.

Taylor has a very beautiful way of writing. He is gentle, insightful and knows just how to give you a certain amount of information and then just pulls back a little - not quite saying everything but leaving you wanting to read more. I would describe Taylor as a very graceful writer - graceful, gentle, subtle and beautiful. You feel the words rather then read them.

I would say his characters are not so well developed as they have been in his previous books and the story far more plot based - but considering this is Andrew Taylor he is still on top form!

I love it when you can get into a good book like this and also be able to enjoy the writing for what it is. All in all, I will just say that I love this author and would read anything he comes out with.