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The Cement Garden - Ian McEwan Weird.

I like McEwan and his brilliance with the English language. Words roll into sentences which roll into paragraphs that roll into pages and chapters until you reach the end.

The story itself is perhaps nothing to write home about, although I thought this one was better then The Innocent - my last McEwan. Technically, it is brilliant and a good reading experience. That is how I think of McEwan - more of an experience then a reading pleasure. I'm not left quite with the feeling of 'wow' yet.

Of the ones I have read I think this may actually be my second or third favourite. I find it hard to place McEwan. He's a strange one.

His books are beautiful and complex, but he is not an author who uses long complicated words for the sake of it. I suppose you could accuse him of perfection. But with most perfect things, they are a little too shiny and round to be real.

A nice short book though, very weird but one I can say I enjoyed.