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The Piano Tuner - Daniel Mason Where can I start?

Reading The Piano Tuner is more like closing your eyes and allowing a beautiful vision to play out in front of your eyes. You see, hear, feel, smell and taste the Burmese countryside through the rather romantic and simplistic view of Edgar Drake - an English piano tuner.

Reading The Piano Tuner is like being carried gently down a river.

The writing is picturesque - but also dreamlike and you get the feeling that everything around you is not quite real - like a mirage. After finishing the book, I can see why the author wrote it like that.

Daniel Mason has taken a rather different style of writing which may seem strange at first - but becomes natural and by the time you finish it you will see why he used such a style.

The ending was a surprise and quite took the rug from under my feet. It's a slow paced book that quietly takes you along a beautiful path through Burma... but the ending is quite a surprise.

I hope those people who are thinking of reading or are currently reading this book will enjoy it - because I sure did.

There is a passage in the book that relates how a person's spirit is like a moth. This really resonated with me for some reason because that is exactly how my soul feels - like a fluttering moth.