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The Seventh Gate - Richard Zimler Rather then focusing on the Jewish holocaust and 'evil Nazis' this book focuses on the other people, less heard (or cared) about during the second world war.

The Seventh Gate tells the story of a young girl named Sophie during the rise of Nazism in Berlin. She, unlike the many, fights against the popular ideology of the time. She befriends a group of people - a Jew, a Giant lady named Vera, the blind, deaf and dwarfs.

Her brother is probably autistic, I don't think the book ever says but he is different from the norm.

In History, in many World War 2 books we do not learn how many children were 'euthanised' because they were disabled. Or that people deemed to be abnormal in any way were forcefully sterilised. When you think about the WW2 we think of bombs and the persecution of the Jews. Though we are aware possibly, of what else went on, it isn't really focused on.

This is a good book, a good story and very well written by the author. The only thing that bothered me was that Sophie, who met Isaac at the age of 14 - went on by the age of 18 (or maybe younger, I can't remember) to fall in love and have a baby with him.

Other then that though, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is full of striking emotion - love, courage, horror, sadness and hate. How I hated Sophie's father and Tonio too. I just wanted to strangle them!