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Seeing Stone (Arthur Trilogy) - Kevin Crossley-holland I can't express how much I loved this trilogy. It tells two stories - one about a young boy named Arthur, son of a lord during the medieval period. The second is the story of King Arthur, told through a magic seeing stone.

Personally, the King Arthur bits felt a bit pointless and I didn't enjoy reading them. The real interest really is going back into a well researched time and world and becoming a part of young Arthur's family and life.

The thing I love about books is their ability to take you somewhere else, to give you eyes to another world or take you back in time. This is what the Arthur trilogy did for me. It took me away on a journey - to see different people, different lives.

I'd also recommend that once you have finished this trilogy that you go straight back to the bookshop and pick up Gatty's Tale from the shelf. I loved that even more.

Crossley-Holland creates real characters - that is the strength of these books - the people in them that just jump out from the pages and surround you as you read. I couldn't get enough. I just wish there would be more!